Welcome  to the Mediathek in the town of Wehr!

The Mediathek in Wehr offers a range of 32.000 media: books, newspapers, magazines, CDs,  CD-ROMs, DVDs, videos, audio-cassettes and games.


Should you lose your membership card , please inform the Mediathek  staff who will then cancel the card in order to prevent any misuse. A relacement card costs EUR 2,50 for adults or  EUR 1,50 for childen and young people. Please inform of any changes in name or address.

Lockers for bags or handbags can be found In the entrance to the Mediathek.


The Mediathek staff will be pleased to help you, should you need any further information . On the OPACs ( user PCs ) it is possible for you to check the status of any of the media ( available, lent out etc. ). You can also check your own account and extend or pre-book media. This service  is equally possible from your own PC  at home through the Online Catalogue:

Exceeding the borrowing limit

A fee must be paid for not adhering to the borrowing limit or failure to extend the limit in time. The fee is EUR 0,75 per item for the start of each week.

Pre-booking media

Distant  Borrowing

Books which are not part of our stock can be borrowed from other libraries via the external lending system. The books can be ordered for a fee of EUR 2,50 per book, which must be paid in advance.


You are responsible for all the media taken out on your membership card. You are liable for replacement of any loss, non -returned or damaged items. The Mediathek of Wehr is not liable for any damage which may occur through the use of our media.

Final Word

We hope that you enjoy using our Mediathek, Should you have any suggestions for improvement or any criticisms concerning  the Mediathek , we are always ready to listen.